Additional support services for your patients

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Access Services by Bayer is a free support program available to eligible patients who have been prescribed NEXAVAR® (sorafenib). Access Services by Bayer provides patients with information about their therapy, helps them evaluate their financial assistance options, and offers education and support to health care professionals.

Getting Approved and Getting Medication

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Access Services by Bayer Service Counselors can provide:

  • Oncology $0 Co-Pay Program* assistance for eligible, commercially insured patients

  • Benefit verification/prior authorization denial and appeal information

  • Coordination with specialty pharmacy providers (SPP), self-dispensing practices, and outpatient pharmacies

  • Alternate coverage research for the uninsured and underinsured

  • Referrals to charitable foundations that may be able to help patients with government-sponsored insurance (such as Medicare, Medigap, Medicaid, VA/DoD health plans, and TRICARE) with out-of-pocket costs

  • Access and reimbursement support

  • Medicaid application and enrollment are not eligible for $0 Co-Pay assistance

  • Referral to the Bayer US Patient Assistance Foundation to provide free medicine for patients who are uninsured or underinsured and meet certain eligibility criteria

Access to Education and Support

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Access Services by Bayer Nurse Counselors can provide:

  • Patient education materials

    • Patient starter kits

    • Refill reminders

  • Education on adverse event management

  • Answers to questions for patients and caregivers

How to Enroll Your Patients in Access Services by Bayer:

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  • Fill out the paper Access Services by Bayer enrollment form, or enroll online